How Painting Can Relieve Stress

How Painting Can Relieve Stress

Do you feel stressed because of work, a relationship, financial problems or perhaps even a global pandemic? Then maybe you need art therapy. Now, art therapy isn’t a solution to make all your problems disappear. It’s simply a form of treatment that can improve the way you handle situations by reducing your stress levels.

When you’re highly strung your reasoning and problem solving skills become disjointed. But when you’re in a calm state of mind you’re able to handle all the problems around you more effectively.

Do you want to know more about how paint by numbers can help relieve your stress? Continue reading to find out how art and creativity can relieve negative emotions.  

1. Keeps Your Mind on the Present

Sometimes your mind can wander to past scenarios in your life that may have been unpleasant. Or you start to worry about the future and how—or sometimes even IF—you’re going to achieve your goals. Thinking about the past or the future is one of the causes of stress.

Paint by numbers is a way to keep your mind on the present. You’re able to focus your mind on an activity that’s enjoyable and deeply rewarding at the same time. It will teach you to be mindful of your thoughts and is considered to be a form of meditation because you’re focusing on something positive. 

2. Painting By Numbers Reduces Anxiety

Stressing about all the important tasks you haven’t completed or events that are still to come can significantly increase your level of anxiety. There are many risks that stem from increased anxiety, namely high blood pressure and coronary diseases.

A healthy and safe way of reducing anxiety is keeping yourself busy in a fun & creative way. Paint by numbers is a fun and therapeutic means of keeping your mind & hands busy. You won’t be focused on anything that causes you distress because you’ll be too busy creating masterpieces.

3. Creative Painting Improves Your Patience

Another leading cause of stress is impatience and intolerance. When you’re stuck in a line at a grocery store or traffic on the road it causes anger and frustration. However, if you simply change your mindset about the situation your mood can improve drastically. 

Paint by numbers teaches you how to be more patient, because you can’t rush with art. If you rush it will make your painting look untidy and all that hard work would be wasted. People spend time perfecting their skill so their images can look refined and more detailed, which in turn teaches them patience. 

When your patience has been improved, you’ll be better equipped to handle situations that are out of your control from the small things like traffic jams to the big things like job security.   

4. Releases Dopamine and Serotonin   

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that gives you the feeling of happiness. Dopamine is a chemical that is transmitted throughout the body which is responsible for your feelings of satisfaction and motivation. When you’re stressed it can significantly decrease the production of these chemicals which can make you feel depressed and unenthusiastic about everything.

On the other hand, painting increases serotonin and dopamine levels because of the sense of accomplishment you have after every paint by numbers you complete. It brings you happiness and keeps you calm so you want to create more pieces which will increase the positive chemical reactions in your brain.

Final Thoughts

Paint by numbers is a safe and healthy way to improve one’s mental health. It’s also cost-effective so you don’t have to keep going to expensive therapists for assistance. Art is also a way to leave your legacy behind because you can pass your masterpieces down to your children or grandchildren one day.

So whenever you feel stressed out, buy some paints and a canvas or even a paint by numbers kit & create something that brings you nothing but joy—and all the benefits we mentioned above, of course.


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