About Us

Hello to all our existing customers, and anyone perusing our website. We thank you for finding us and taking the time out of your lives to read about us, our mission and the wonderful world of Diamond Painting.

Launched by a team of experienced Artists and true Diamond Painting enthusiasts, Painting Diamonds supplies the Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US with high quality Diamond Painting kits, often referred to as 5D Diamond Painting. We are based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, and pride ourselves on being an Aussie owned and operated business. 


We are passionate artists at heart, and Diamond Painting is something that took over our lives in 2015 - but we’ve always been unable to find a good local Australian stockist of Diamond Painting kits, so here we are today with an e-commerce store selling the best painting kits we can get our hands on.


Our Mission

We believe every home should have a true artistic diamond painting experience, and our mission is to give everyone not only in Australia, but New Zealand, Canada and the US that opportunity with the best 5D Diamond Kits we can possibly produce.

There are thousands of Diamond Painting Kits available all over the internet, so it's hard to know who to buy from? What completed kits look beautiful vs those that look a little cheap? Which kits are made out of quality product that will stay glued and can be hung like a true piece of artwork from your walls?

We've sampled, attempted and completed thousands of 5D Diamond kits personally (We told you we were Diamond Painting enthusiasts), and have selected only a small number to emulate to ensure that we produce amazing quality pieces available to our customers. We strive to impart that accumulated knowledge to improve your Diamond Painting experience.

So, if you love exquisite, diamond painting pieces that will transform your home, then this is the place to be.