Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

By simply mentioning diamond painting Australia citizens can confirm how this fun-filled hobby has positively impacted their lives. Creating quality bonding time with your family, harnessing creativity and therapeutic effects are just some of its benefits. 

It comes as no surprise if you become one of those people who can’t travel anywhere without your diamond painting. But what happens when it’s time to catch the plane and your masterpiece is nowhere near finished? Do you leave it behind? The good news is, no! We’re here to outline a few travel hacks to keep in mind when travelling with your diamond painting Australia residents do now and again.  

Ideally, you want your painting to arrive at the destination in one piece!  

Spill-proof Vials Are Your Friend 

When it comes to diamond painting Australia locals appreciate how delicate the pieces are. Keeping the leftover diamond pieces in one place should be your top priority if you expect to continue the job later. We advise you to look for vials to store your beads.  

Regular storage containers won’t cut it. You’ll need vials with spill-proof caps that are designed to screw on tightly. That’s the only way you can eliminate the possibility of your diamonds spilling out.  

Zipper Bags Are a Need 

Even so, placing your diamonds in the vials are only half the job. Reinforce and secure your diamonds by placing the vials in zipper bags.  

If you can find a zipper with foam inserts to keep your vials in place that would be ideal. This way travelling with your diamond painting will be a breeze.  

You Need a Puzzle Carrier 

Now that you have transporting your diamonds under control, let’s discuss how you’ll move the canvas. And yes, careful transportation of your canvas is equally important since you want to keep the pieces intact and not undo your hard work. It’s no secret that when you mention diamond painting Australia citizens can confirm the amount of concentration, time and effort that go into the project. You should preserve that. 

Buy yourself a puzzle carrier. If you don’t find one at your local store, you can purchase one online. A puzzle carrier will keep your canvas securely rolled and out of harm’s wayNote that you’ll find different types of puzzle carriers made of different materials. Ditch the carrier made of flimsy cardboard material and opt for one which features a roll-up mat. This type will ensure that your diamonds are locked securely in place.   

Roll the Canvas the Right Way 

Buying a puzzle carrier is the first step. But you need to roll the canvas in the puzzle carrier the correct way. Make sure you roll the canvas with the diamonds facing outwards. Sure, rolling your canvas with the diamonds facing inwards sounds like the logical action to preserve your beads from detaching. But the reality is that this may cause creases on your canvas which can ruin your painting. 

Art Portfolio Case Perhaps? 

When it comes to diamond painting Australia has mixed opinions on how to store the finished—or in this case semi-finished painting. Some people prefer it rolled, while others want to keep the painting straight. It’s your decision. 

If you prefer not to roll your diamond painting, opt for an art portfolio case. Yes, the one that’s carried around by professional artists. After all, it is YOUR work of art, right? 

What you’ll appreciate about these bags is how they are easy to carry, they’re lightweight and water-resistant. Your painting is kept secure, dry and protected for the duration of your trip.   

Keep it Small 

If you love travelling with your diamond painting kit, we advise you to pack the smaller kit. As you know when buying a kit for diamond painting Australia locals can either pick between small and large ones.  

Large diamond painting kits are not only impractical for travelling with but it’s also difficult to pack and lug around. Besides, you might not have much time to complete your painting during your vacation anyway 

A smaller kit is a more realistic option because it’s quicker to finish and even easier to pack up when necessary. However, this will of course depend on how long your trip is.  

Final Words 

You don’t have to tell Australians twice how fun diamond painting is. You’re allowed to pack your diamond painting kit into your luggage no matter where you’re going to avoid being idle. Remember to buy the items listed above to make travelling with your kit easy.  

When discussing diamond painting Australia citizens can confirm that it’s tons of fun and can certainly be addictive which we understand all too well. But don’t forget to take time out to explore different places and create new memories. Your diamond painting kit isn’t going anywhere! 



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