10 Handy Tips for Diamond Painting Newbies

10 Handy Tips for Diamond Painting Newbies

10 Handy Tips for Diamond Painting Newbies

So, you’ve joined the movement at last! Welcome. We’re so glad you didn’t miss the bus. Because know this: with 5D diamond painting, Australia is being taken by storm! Soon you’ll find a 5D diamond painting kit in every craft store you walk into.

But perhaps you’ve experienced some frustrations along the way and you wonder if you should purchase another kit? You don’t want to waste time looking for the right colour beads when you’re working with many hues. Or perhaps you’ve accidentally sent all your beads flying across the floor after bumping into the table?

First of all, it’s normal in any activity to experience problems. But you absolutely have to get that next kit. And after our handy list of tips and techniques, created by the pros, you’ll know exactly how to make the most of your next diamond painting session.

Let’s help you from start to finish.

Where to Work

You may be so excited about starting your first 5D diamond painting kit that you tip out everything on the kitchen table. But remember, you’ll use that space for dinner soon and then you have to pack everything up again.

Because diamond painting involves many small components, you should pick a work area where you can leave most of it out between creative sessions. Perhaps surrender a section of your home office desk to your diamond painting project for a while? Or set up a table in the spare room?

You can also consider using a large kitchen cutting board. If your canvas and some of the trays & tools fit on the board, you can at least carry it between a cupboard and any table that’s available to work on.

Handy Storage Tips

If you don’t have a large enough surface that you can leave your diamond painting items on for a few days or even weeks, packing away multiple bags of beads can be tedious. Rather purchase a container with multiple compartments. You’ll find plastic or Perspex containers like this in many make up or jewellery stores, at an affordable price point.

Organising Your Diamond Beads

When it’s time to work on your diamond painting you want easy access to all the beads. Here you have a few options:

  • Some suppliers sell sorting trays where you can place beads of each colour you’ll be using that day. Take a few minutes and turn each bead so that the flat surface faces downwards. They’ll be ready to pick up with your applicator tool, so you won’t waste time turning them over during your session. This helps you get a workflow going, resulting in a relaxing yet creative experience.
  • You can also consider using empty egg boxes for sorting, so you can keep a few beads of each colour close by and you don’t have to stretch far across the table. These you can also use to store your beads afterwards, when you place them in a cupboard.
  • Some crafters use ice cube trays. If they have flat bottoms they once again allow you to turn the beads right side up so they’re easy to work with.


Keeping the Canvas Flat

When doing their first 5D diamond paintings, crafters often get frustrated with the canvas that tends to curl at the ends. Our advice is to role it out a few hours before you want to start working. Place it on a flat surface and place heavy objects, such as books, on each corner. It will at least straighten it out somewhat for easier working.

Protecting the Glue

No matter the size of your painting kit, don’t remove the entire protective sheet at the start. The stickier the canvas’ surface is the better your beads will stay in place, so don’t let the glue dry out. You want your masterpiece to look good for a long time, don’t you?

Saving Time: Multi-Diamond Application

For many crafters, completing their 5D diamond painting frames included is supposed to be times of relaxation; time doesn’t matter. But you may enjoy getting a project done as quickly as possible. Or perhaps you find it a little boring when you add beads one by one if certain sections contain only one colour?

If this sounds like you, invest in more advanced tools. The market has expanded and now you can purchase a multi-diamond applicator. On the one end of the tool you’ll find space that accommodates a few stones at a time. Place them on the canvas and you’ll see everything come together in record time!

When you spend a few minutes rethinking your strategy for diamond painting Australia crafters can get so much more enjoyment out of this hobby. Do you have more tips for other diamond painters? Please share your wisdom below.




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