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The 6 Must Have Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting

The 6 Must Have Tools and Accessories for Diamond Painting

Are you, like so many others, looking to dip your toes in the pool of diamond paintings? Painting Diamonds in Australia is fast becoming known for its Zen like effect to diamond painting Australians. Firstly, you’re going to have to kit yourself out with all the necessary tools and accessories to make sure that your entrance to the diamond painting world is a successful one.

While most diamond painting kits come with the essential items you need, it’s always best to know straight off the bat which tools you need to get the job done. With that being said, let’s crank open those toolboxes and take a look inside.

1.    The Basics: Diamond tray, Tweezers, Applicator Pen and Wax 

Before you can even consider diamond painting, there are a few obvious tools you need to have at your disposal. These are considered to be the staple tools that every diamond painter needs to have in order to get started.

The first of which is diamonds, because as you can imagine, it’s pretty tough to diamond paint without them. Next up you’ll need something to stick said diamonds to, which is your canvas. But how will you stick the diamonds on the canvas? With an applicator dipped in wax, of course!

You won’t get very far with your diamond painting project without the basic tools we listed above. Thankfully, the vast majority of diamond painting kits come with all these tools. But if you do need to get your hands on the basic tools needed for diamond painting, Painting Diamonds has many products to choose from.

Diamond painting pens, diamond trays, tweezers and wax

2.    A Diamond Painting Pen

Almost all diamond painting kits come with a standard applicator tool that allows you to apply the diamonds to the canvas. However, this tool isn’t favoured for everyone. If your hands are prone to cramping, this tool is for you.

Also, standard applicator tools tend to be pretty thin so if you’re heavy-handed or have bigger hands you may not feel comfortable handling one—especially for longer periods of time.

Thicker diamond painting pens

3.    Strips of Wax 

While your kit will include strips of wax, it’s always a good idea to have a spare sticking solution on hand.

Sometimes, especially with cheaper diamond painting kits, the included adhesive isn’t the best. Because of this, and in case you run out, we recommend that you have an extra adhesive in your toolbox at all times. 

Diamond painting wax strips

4.    A Light Box or Pad

Light boxes or light pads are absolutely awesome accessories but are by no means essential. A light box is used by beginner and experienced diamond painters alike as it makes it easy to find the symbols on the canvas and in addition to this, it also ensures that your diamonds are perfectly aligned.

So, this accessory not only makes your diamond painting experience a little easier but it also makes the result more precise. As we mentioned, it’s not a necessity but it is a pretty nifty tool for any level of diamond painter to have.

Light pad for art and diamond painting

5.    A Storage Solution

To ensure your diamond painting experience isn’t tarnished by spending awful amounts of time searching for diamonds of a specific colour, get yourself a storage solution. This way you can sort and store your diamonds by colour, keep your other tools safe & have all your diamond painting gear in one place.

You can pick whatever works for you, be it a multi-compartment diamond painting storage box, a repurposed toolbox or Tupperware or even a collection of Ziplock bags. 

Diamond drill storage containers

6.    A Sealant

Many people choose to proudly display their finished work or even gift it to a lucky friend or family member. In order to make sure that your diamonds don’t become loose and fall off over the coming years (the adhesive on the canvas will last for many years and all kinds of weathering), you can seal your masterpiece.

There are many different sealants for diamond painting Australia crafters to turn to, so you’re spoiled for choice. You can seal your creation by using varnish spray, a clear glue paste like Mod Podge.   

 Diamond painting adhesive or varnish spray


From pens to light boxes and everything in between, today’s article has covered it all. Make sure that you’re equipped with the right tools to get the job done and the end result will speak for itself. The best part about this hobby is that it won’t bankrupt you—the tools are all affordable. 

So now that you know which tools you need to take part in the art of diamond painting Australian crafters can’t get enough of, will you be trying your hand at this ever-popular art form? Let us know in the comments section down below.



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